Eden On The Plaza is a locally owned upscale boutique specializing in an array of fine jewelry nestled on the historic Plaza square in the breathtaking and culturally rich heart of Santa Fe NM.

Eden carries a variety of stunning lines such as the largest selection of Kabana in the southwest to authentic and prestigious Native American designers and internationally recognized names as well as unique and beautiful Eden exclusives to one of a kind custom designs.

Eden is sure to be a jewelry enthusiasts paradise pleasing the most diverse tastes.

Featured Bernd Wolf

The color spectrum of this beautiful gemstone ranges from delicate to intense azure blue and from pale to dark green. Turquoise owes its name to the ancient trade route via Turkey, on which it was brought from Persia to Europe. The blue turquoise used by BERND WOLF usually originates from China or Arizona; the green specimens are from China. Since turquoise is a brittle stone, it is usually stabilized using an artificial resin so it can be cut. Thanks to this resin, blue turquoise also maintains its color, which would otherwise gradually change. Turquoise is a mineral that usually occurs in the shape of microcrystalline nuggets interspersed by dark limonite veins. Its discreet, appealing luster reminds us of the matte sheen of fine porcelain. Thanks to the cool charm of its azure-blue color, turquoise is an ideal companion for warm summer days.

Turquoise is said to stimulate muscle build-up and our ability for regeneration, and to have anti-inflammatory as well as detoxifying effects. In Ancient Greece, it was regarded as the protective stone of travelers. It is also believed to energize its wearers, to boost their self-confidence, indeed their assertiveness, and to make for calm serenity.


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